Station Sponsorships

Sponsorships of Automated Weather Data Network (AWDN) stations are an important piece in keeping the AWDN network of stations up and ensuring thorough coverage of the High Plains Region. Sponsorships of stations help keep stations running and help the network expand to new locations. Some of the AWDN sponsors include: agricultural consultants, farmers, irrigation districts, municipalities, natural resource districts, and universities.

Sponsors receive:

  • Unlimited access to the Classic online data system which includes access to an hourly and daily data archive for the Region.
  • Unlimited access to the CLIMOD online data system which includes the National Summary of the Day (SOD) archive for the entire United States.


AWDN provides valuable observation data throughout the High Plains Region. The hourly data that are made available through the AWDN help fill in the gaps between other hourly weather observation networks.

Although AWDN started as a network for Nebraska in 1981, it quickly spread to encompass several states as researchers, federal scientists, and others came forward requesting that stations be added to the network at locations critical to their particular interests. Today there are 64 active weather stations in Nebraska and over 200 stations in the High Plains Region. To see a map of AWDN stations, click here.

While the technology has changed, the purpose of the AWDN network remains the same: To gather valuable observation data in Nebraska and the High Plains Region and provide this information to stake-holders in agriculture and related fields.

For information on sponsoring an AWDN station, please contact the HPRCC.