Climate Data Services

Full Service - Pricing

Climate data may be obtained from the High Plains Regional Climate Center through HPRCC-Online or HPRCC personnel. Data requests processed by personnel within the Climate Center are typically completed within 72 hours. The HPRCC data archives are extensive and you may want to visit data holdings for a complete list of available data.

Data are free whenever a full service request can be answered by phone. Otherwise, full service requests carry a processing fee. Notice: As of January 1, 2005 prepayment of all orders is required. Payments can be made with check, money order, or cash. The following fee structure applies to all requests handled by HPRCC staff:

Full Service

Service Fee
Service Fee* $13 minimum charged to all orders
Service Fee is in addition to all other listed charges.
Photocopy Services 1-10 pages included in Service Fee
$.25/page in excess of 10 copies
AWDN daily data - per station $2/month, $10/year
AWDN hourly data - per station $4/month, $20/year
AWDN summary data - per station $5/month, $20/year
Daily Data (NWS/Coop) $5/month or $10 for first year (all observed elements)
$10 additional charge for more than 1-year
$5 for each additional station
Hourly Data (NWS/ASOS) $5.00 first day
$1.00 for each additional day up to a maximum of $20.00 for the first year of data
$5.00 for each additional year of data.
Data analysis - Service Staff/Senior Research Staff** $50/$100 per hour
FedEx/UPS Shipping $10 minimum or total shipping cost
Fax Services $1/page
Rush Service*
(delivery guaranteed within 24-hours)
$25 additional fee plus Priority Shipping or Fax Charges, if applicable.
Super Rush Service*
(delivery guaranteed within 2-hours)
$50 additional fee plus Priority Shipping or Fax Charges, if applicable.


* All requests which are forwarded to private sector users by mail, Email, or facsimile will be charged a service fee. Rush and super rush order fees apply only to those requests that are placed ahead of existing orders. Super rush generally applies to those situations where the user requires climate data immediately.

** Data analysis includes software/computer programming, producing special products, completing user specified data analysis, and acquisition of climate data from non traditional sources.

Data can be sent in either hard copy or digital format by regular mail service. Fax service is also available. Email or FTP service is available to clientele, if the data requested can be placed into digital format.

If you need or prefer to acquire climate data using the full service method, please feel free to use one of the following methods to contact us:

HPRCC/Climate Services
713 Hardin Hall, 3310 Holdrege Street
University of Nebraska
Lincoln, NE 68583-0997

Phone:(402) 472-6709 or (402) 472-6706

Fax: (402) 472-8763

Email: Contact form.

Fax and Email requests must include a phone number, since personnel will need to verify the data request. No analysis will be performed until a verbal confirmation has been acquired.