Outreach Projects


Climate Masters of Nebraska
Learn ways to reduce your carbon footprint locally through a 10 week course. Topics include: Climate change, home energy, renewable energy, transportation, food, yards, and more!


Useful to Usable (U2U): Transforming Climate Variability and Change Information for Cereal Crop Producers
U2U is an integrated research and extension project designed to help improve the resilience and profitability of farms in the North Central Region amid variable climate change. U2U's goal is to help producers make better long term plans on what, when, and where to plant, and also how to manage crops for maximum yields and minimum environmental damage.


Central Great Plains Climate Education Partnership (CCEP)

The Central Plains project focuses on developing effective programs to enhance climate science education for agricultural and rural communities. The region is a major production area for edible grains and livestock and adapting management decisions will help maintain regional agri-business strength and food security.

Outreach Events

These are some of the events the High Plains Regional Climate Center Staff attend regularly.


Classroom Visits

Like what you see? Would you like us to come visit your classroom or event with our portable weather station or weather activity? If so, please contact us for an educated and fun filled day.


Central Plains Severe Weather Symposium

Held in the spring, The Central Plains Severe Weather Symposium offers various lectures and presentations pertaining to weather and climate.


NaturePalooza Nebraska

Held in November, NaturePalooza is a day of discovery and hands-on activities. Scientists from various groups provide interactive stations that explain the science behind Nebraska's water, weather, and wildlife. Topics include climate change, geography, plants, fish and more!


Dinosaurs & Disasters

Held in February, Dinosaurs & Disasters is a day of hands-on activities for the whole family. One of the hands-on activities the family can enjoy is operating the High Plains Regional Climate Center's portable AWDN station.

Build a Weather Instrument: A Hands-on Guide!


Rain Gauge - Measures the amount of rain that has fallen.


Wind Vane - Determines which direction the wind is blowing.

Additional Resources

Are you an educator in need of climate data? Perhaps you are teaching a weather and climate unit this quarter or maybe you have a student who needs climate data for a science fair project? If so, we may be able to help. To get started, please contact us with your questions and/or needs.

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