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Update on Drought Conditions in the High Plains Region - April 14, 2015

The High Plains witnessed both drought improvements and degradations this week. To find out more, click here: ...More

Source/Author: Judson Buescher - High Plains Regional Climate Center 04/16/15

A comparison of March 2012 and 2015

March 2015 was very warm and dry for the High Plains region. How did this March compare to 2012? ...More

Source/Author: Natalie Umphlett - High Plains Regional Climate Center 04/08/15

Sign up for the next Climate and Drought Webinar - April 16th, 1-2pm CDT

Keep up to date with the latest climate and drought conditions in the region. This month Dennis Todey, South Dakota State Climatologist, will be providing the update. ...More

Source/Author: Doug Kluck - NOAA 04/07/15

March 2015 Climate Summary

Check out the March edition of our new and improved climate summary! ...More

Source/Author: Natalie Umphlett - High Plains Regional Climate Center 04/06/15

Missouri River Basin Quarterly Climate Impacts and Outlook - Winter Edition

Get caught up on the latest climate impacts and outlooks for the Missouri River Basin. It's only 2 pages! ...More

Source/Author: Natalie Umphlett - High Plains Regional Climate Center 03/25/15

El Niņo is here! What does it mean for the High Plains?

El Niño has finally developed in the equatorial Pacific. What conditions have changed and what does that mean for the High Plains region? Find out here: ...More

Source/Author: Crystal Stiles - High Plains Regional Climate Center 03/05/15

Changes to Classic Online Pricing

All raw AWDN data are now available for free! ...More

Source/Author: Natalie Umphlett - High Plains Regional Climate Center 12/14/14

Nebraska Soil Moisture

Soil moisture plays a critical role in agricultural activities and land atmosphere interaction. HPRCC is working to provide quality soil moisture data, and has installed soil moisture probes at 51 AWDN stations.   More...

Grant Access Accounts

Are you a teacher needing access to weather data? A graduate student doing climate-related research? We may be able to help.   Find out more...

AWDN Network

The Automated Weather Data Network is one of the longest-running mesonets in the United States. With automated stations located throughout the High Plains, many running since the early 1980's, there is a wealth of data available for research.   More...


The Applied Climate Information System (ACIS) is a framework for managing realtime and historical climate data that allows for the dynamic creation of value-added climate products.  More...