Grant Access Agreement/Policy

Data which has delivered via any method provided through Grant Access must follow the citation rules as given within the HPRCC Terms of Use. HPRCC must be notified of any and all publications which may result from research based upon data obtained via Grant Access prior to publication. Failure to do this may result in revocation of Grant Access privileges. Dissemination, distribution or use of data outside the bounds of the Grant Access Agreement may result in legal action on behalf of the High Plains Regional Climate Center, and will result in revocation of Grant Access accounts/data requests.

If it is found that funding is obtained for a project/grant/organization which is appropriated within any govermnent/institutional/organizational contract to pay for climate data after grant access has been given, the user must notify HPRCC, and provide HPRCC with backpayment for services recieved from the date that funding was received, and for the dates that funding was earmarked for (for example, moneys for fiscal year received late). Failure to do this will result in the revocation of grant access and possible legal action on behalf of HPRCC to claim appropriate charges for services provided within the period that funding was obtained/earmarked for.

If it is found that data obtained via HPRCC via grant access results in an organization receiving funding that allows for continuation of a project started under grant-access, and this project requires the continued use of HPRCC services, HPRCC must be notified and a new contract/service agreement must be drawn up to include an appropriate payment for services provided. The grant access status will be reviewed.

Grant Access is intended for educational use only, and should not be used with the intention that an organization might be sustained/profit from using data that is provided through a grant access agreement with HPRCC. An organization that is using data and services provided through HPRCC in order to sustain a project/grant/organization must work with HPRCC to ensure that funds are properly allocated to HPRCC for services provided. Abuse of HPRCC services for sustainability or financial gain/growth of another organization without steps being taken to ensure proper compensation to HPRCC for services provided may result in legal action on behalf of HPRCC.

Other restrictions may apply to a grant access agreement which are not listed here. These additional restrictions will be provided to the user, and may be modified at any time by HPRCC with notification to the user.