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Use of Public HPRCC Website

The HPRCC Public website is the set of general pages not including advanced data services (classic online or CLIMOD). The website is best viewed at 1024x768 resolutions and higher, and at Normal font size. HPRCC general website is best viewed in Firefox 2.0 and IE 6.0 and Higher. Javascript and cookies must be enabled in order to interact with some of the advanced features on the site (customized products). HPRCC makes no guarantee that the website will render correctly on any other web browsers or older versions of IE,Netscape. We apologize if this causes any inconvenience.

Policy on the Use of Data from the HPRCC Online Services

In keeping with the University's mission to provide knowledge and information to the public it is the policy of HPRCC to extend its services to all parties on an Equal Opportunity basis. Subscriptions are designed to serve the needs of an individual for near-real time weather and historical climate data and general summaries prepared from the data archives of the High Plains Regional Climate Center.

When data or summaries are prepared for dissemination by mail, telephone recording, fax, newspaper, email, radio, television, or other means, the following recognition shall be given "Based on data from the High Plains Regional Climate Center, University of Nebraska, Lincoln." It is also recommended that the web site be given and when such dissemination is on a routine schedule such a statement is required periodically, "Conditions may vary with your own situation, for more detailed information and subscription details see the High Plains Regional Climate Center Web Page: http://www.hprcc.unl.edu"

When data from the Automated Weather Data Network is disseminated as part of a summary or summaries an alternate recognition shall be given according to state using the guidelines below:

Statements may reflect multiple states, for example:

Disclaimer on the Use of Data from the HPRCC Online Services

The HPRCC Online Services was developed to provide user's with a means to routinely access recent weather and climate data. While applied research has demonstrated that the use of such data in decision making can reduce risk and lower a users cost, it must be pointed out that near-real time data are preliminary in nature and sometimes contain errors. Although care is taken to remove known errors, it is possible that some data will change after receipt of written records and final quality control steps. Users are therefore forewarned to consider any negative impact that errant data might have on their business and use preliminary data and information at their own risk.

The HPRCC is not resposible for the misuse or abuse of data provided through our services, both online and full-service.

Through use of the data services through the HPRCC website, you automatically agree to the terms of use and disclaimer.