NWS Cooperative Station Network

The HPRCC archive of National Weather Service (NWS) surface observations includes daily measurements of high temperature, low temperature, precipitation, snowfall, and evaporation for first order (NWS forecast offices) and second order (cooperative observer network) sites. The data are available through the HPRCC Online Services or through the HPRCC Climate Office.

National Weather Service Cooperative data are available through a series of products and online services offered through HPRCC. Raw Daily information is available for free through the NWS NOWDATA tabs on local National Weather Service office websites for this month, and last month. Otherwise, data are available through station-specific time-series charts and in map form through the Current Climate Summary Maps at no-cost on the HPRCC website. For raw data or specific data summaries, please see HPRCC's online services page for more information on how to access NWS Cooperative Network data.

Note: The term inactive represents our operational definition of the station's status, and not an official NWS/NCDC status. All current NWS Cooperative Observer stations may not be represented.

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