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Sign up for the next Climate and Drought Webinar - June 19th, 1-2pm CDT

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Source/Author: Doug Kluck - NOAA 06/06/14

This month Brian Fuchs (National Drought Mitigation Center) will be presenting the latest climate summary and outlook information for the U.S. and specifically the north central region. We will continue to examine the potential El Nino event brewing in the Pacific and what that may mean for us should it occur. In addition, we will provide a summary of current conditions across the region. Subject matter will include drought, current river and flood outlooks, soil moisture updates, stream flow, and general temperature and precipitation trends. We will also briefly mention potential impacts to various sectors including agriculture and water resources. At the end of the presentation we will be taking questions.

Please sign up here for the June 19th (1-2pm CDT) Webinar:


To sign up for future Webinars through 2014 please visit this page:


Finally if you missed any of the past monthly webinars you can find the recording and PDF file here:


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