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Source/Author: Doug Kluck - NOAA 05/08/13

Please join us for the next Midwest and Great Plains Drought Impact and Outlook Webinar. The Webinar will be held Thursday, May 16th at 1pm CDT. The duration may be up to an hour but is usually less. The presentation will continue the discussion of current and potential drought impacts across the region as well as outlooks for drought, precipitation and temperatures over the coming months.

This month Martha Shulski (Director, High Plains Regional Climate Center) will provide the regional climate briefing. After the presentation we will take questions.

If there are particular questions, issues or items you would like discussed during the webinars please email me and we will try to address them either on the call or by separate communication. We are always interested in your input on the relevance of the webinars. It is critical for us to know for example how this information is used or influences your decision making process. So thanks in advance for any information you can share with us in this regard.

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For your future planning purposes we will continue these Webinars through 2013. The next webinar date is:

June 20, 2013

You may sign up for future webinars here:



If you missed any of the past presentations or recordings you may find
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