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New Stations Added to AWDN

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Source/Author: Natalie Umphlett - High Plains Regional Climate Center 11/16/10

Image © Natalie Umphlett

Five new stations were added to the High Plains Automated Weather Data Network (AWDN) this week.  The new stations are located in Wyoming and include:

  • Boulder (42.72˚, -109.68˚)
  • Bridger Valley (41.32˚, -110.30˚)
  • Farson (42.03˚, -109.45˚)
  • Pathfinder North (42.55˚, -107.00˚)
  • Upper Green (42.73˚, -110.03˚)

For more information about AWDN, please click here. For data access please use the contact us form.

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